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El Fideicomiso para la Salud de los Niños Indigenas de Mexico (FISANIM), (Trust for the Health of Indigenous Children of Mexico). Since it´s foundation in the year of 1990, it has occupied itself in projects and programs in health, nutrition and creativity in communities of high marginality in the states of Chiapas, Jalisco and Yucatan.

Throughout or history we have collaborated in humanitarian help and reconstruction in communities affected by natural disasters. At this moment working along side with Alma Fondo Ayuda Social IAP, Fundación Alejandro Diaz Guerra, with the poet Mardonio Carballo, the ethnologist Jose del Val, Rubén Albarrán, Leo Heiblum, César Romero, Cristina Picazo, Claudia Santiago, Demian Flores, Anilú Pardo, Mario Mandujano, Humberto Robles, Petrona de la Cruz and other friends and organizations, we invite you to participate in actions to access and deliver humanitarian help to indigenous communities in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guerrero that are incomunicated and greatly affected by the earthquakes suffered the past 7th and 19th of September.

We have established contact and will coordinate with local organizations of the affected areas that know the field and have first hand knowledge of the communities that have been left isolated, without any medical services, their precarious housing has been badly damaged or completely destroyed and the malnutrition is alarming. In order to be able to reach these communities with the much needed help, we will work together with logistic experts that will be accompanied by interpreters so that the humanitarian and medical help can reach this communities that have received no help at all.

In the mountains of Guerrero the organization that we will coordinate with is “Tlachinollan, Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña”.

In Oaxaca we will work along side with the organization “Consolidando nuestro estado”, that operates from Ixtaltepec and will deliver the help to the mixe communities in the Sierra Norte.

In Chiapas it will be us that will coordinate from our office in San Cristobal de las Casas that has been operating since 1994.

We invite you to participate as volunteers to be part of our brigades, to enrich or to share this proposal or with your donations.


Fideicomiso para la salud de los Niños Indígenas de México A.C.


Scotiabank Inverlat S. A.

Institución de Banca Múltiple, Grupo Financiero Scotiabank Inverlat.


Calzada de Tlalpan #4655

Colonia Toriello Guerra, Delegación Tlalpan

C.P. 14050

México, Ciudad de México.

Bank manager:

Mara Casas Reigadas

Bank phone:

(5255) 5447 1408 and (5255) 5123 0000 ext. 50001



Account Number:




For mexican donation we can give tax deductible recites for your donations send us your information to or call Fabiola from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 2PM. Phone 5255 51 71 37 05

Your contributions will be utilized so that with the help of the local organizations we can get food, supplies and tools as close as possible to the affected communities and help activate the local economy.

Our support will consist of:

  • Corn, amaranth, “alegrías”, beans, rice, sugar, salt, coffee and chiles.

  • Supplies to make temporary housing.

  • Kitchen utensils.

  • Blankets, soap, buckets and water containers with lids.

  • Shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves and other utensils.

  • Medicine and healing materials.

  • Notebooks, pencils and colors.

Thank you very much and much love.

Fideicomiso para la Salud de los Niños Indígenas de México A.C.: Ofelia Medina; Begoña Lecumberri, Yolanda García y de Montanaro, Pilar Torre, Eufrosina Rodríguez.

Fundación Alejandro Díaz Guerra ac: Patricia Díaz Romo y familia. Alma Fondo Ayuda Social IAP: Gerrit Lenz, Miguel Angel Carmona.

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